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Free Heat Exchanger Carbon Monoxide Safety Inspection

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A cracked or flawed heat exchanger has the potential to leak carbon monoxide (CO) into your home. CO is an odorless, colorless gas which can be extremely harmful and even lethal in a closed environment. Even small cracks or flaws in your furnace’s heat exchanger may become larger over time increasing the danger of a carbon monoxide leak.

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    How it Works: We’ll send one of our factory certified and trained technicians to evaluate your heat exchanger and for defects including metal failure and other elements that affect the integrity of the heat exchanger. He’ll also show you the results via live video.

    If a defect or crack is found during the course of inspection, we’ll provide the recommended course of action in order to fix the problem if need be, at no additional dispatch charge.

    Example of a flawed heat exchanger: